10th edition of the festival CALE-se, International


 10th edition of the festival “CALE-se”, International.

Cale Estúdio Teatro – Associação Cultural de Actores, in association with the City Council of Vila Nova de Gaia and the local Parish of Canidelo, is promoting the 10th edition of the festival CALE-se, International

Theatre Festival, the only international theatre contest competition nationwide. The 2016 Edition, which occurs during the 30th birthday of Cale Estúdio Teatro, will take place every Saturday, between January 16th and March 19th.

To promote and support the qualitative development of Amateur Theatre, rewarding the merit of individual and collective performances as well as the permute of experiences, extra effort of associative solidarity and the publicity of non-professional theatre, are some of the purposes of this project, emphasizing the ongoing importance of Amateur Theatre in today’s Society. It is also the Organizational Committee’s objective to promote the divulgation and exchange with fellow non-professional companies of other countries within the European Union and Portuguesespeaking countries.

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